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An anime television series adaptation was announced on August 12, 2021. The series is produced by Eight Bit and directed by Tetsuaki Watanabe, with Shunsuke Ishikawa serving as assistant director, Taku Kishimoto overseeing the series' scripts, Masaru Shindō providing the main character designs and serving as chief animation director, Hisashi Tojima serving as chief action director, and Jun Murayama composing the music.[2] It ran for 24 episodes.[71] The series aired from October 9, 2022 to March 26, 2023 on TV Asahi's NUMAnimation [ja] block.[2][4][b] The first opening theme song is "Chaos ga Kiwamaru" (カオスが極まる, "Chaos Reigns") by Unison Square Garden, while the first ending theme song is "Winner" by Shugo Nakamura.[8] The second opening theme song is "Judgement" by Ash Da Hero, while the second ending theme song is "Numbness like a ginger" by Unison Square Garden.[73][74] Crunchyroll has licensed the series, and have streamed an English dub starting on October 22, 2022.[75][3] Medialink licensed the series in Asia-Pacific;[76] it is streamed on their Ani-One YouTube channel,[77] and on iQIYI,[78] bilibili,[79] Netflix,[80] and Animax Asia.[81]

Watch Blue Lock Episode 1

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Japanese sports, thriller anime series Blue Lock recently premiered on October 9, 2022. Inspired by a manga of the same name, the anime series is written by Taku Kishimoto with Studio Eight Bit in charge of the production. With Episode 1 already streaming, when is Episode 2 coming out? Where can you watch the upcoming episode? Keep reading to find out the details!

Blue Lock, a highly anticipated series, just released its first episode and sets a tone for great things to come. The art style and characters stand out and are sure to live up to the hype of its predecessors. While Blue Lock is ramping up, here are some sports anime to watch to keep the iron hot while waiting for more episodes.

Updated on February 21, 2023, by C.M Edwards:Blue Lock continues to break records both in print and with every episode release. The egomania that fills the Blue Lock building has reached the second stage of forging diamonds in the rough from a pool of the most talented striker players in Japan. Isagi has made it through the first selection along with the teammates he has come to respect and appreciate. Now comes where the most elite players in the program must now go blow for blow, with winners proceeding and losers going home. Both the story and the animation quality of Blue Lock have fans locked in with every new episode, craving to see how Isagi and the rest of the talent of Blue Lock evolve their weapons and push the envelope to become the best. While waiting for the next release, fans have a long list of anime available to scratch the anime sports itch. Here are more sports anime to watch similar to Blue Lock

Blue Lock episode guide is here! Whether you are a soccer fan or not, it does not matter because this anime will even compel non-soccer fans to watch till the end. Each episode ends with a massive cliffhanger that one could ask for. The anime is currently trending and has taken the place of rank #7 in March 2023. 041b061a72

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