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Buy Posters In Bulk

Looking to advertise a sale or an upcoming event? Consider our custom bulk posters to get your message noticed. Stock up and save while reaching more customers. Choose from different size options that can be fully customised and printed in vivid, full-colour printing.

buy posters in bulk

When it comes to posters, the possibilities are endless. Use custom posters to promote your upcoming movie, show/performance, or sports event. A personalized photo poster also makes a great gift for your family and friends! Retailers and other businesses love using posters to advertise new products and services, sales, and promotions. Thanks to their lightweight and portable nature, posters are a wonderful marketing tool for just about any purpose.

Many companies offer online poster printing, but few offer the combination of top-quality products and reasonable prices that GotPrint is known for. Our customization options make it easy to print a poster that perfectly matches your needs. Regardless of which size or paper stock you choose, our state-of-the-art equipment prints your posters using rich, vibrant inks so they stand out from afar.

If you have already designed your poster, it's quick and affordable to print your design through GotPrint – simply upload your print-ready file and place your order. If you need a new poster design, it's easy to create a personalized poster right on our website! We have a variety of modern poster templates that you can customize with your own logos, images, photos, and text. Your posters are backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you're not satisfied with your order, please let us know. If we find that we have made an error, we will gladly reprint your posters.

Choose between several paper stocks and finishes for your posters. If you are ordering bulk posters, the 100 lb. and 80 lb. Gloss Book offer vibrant colors and an attractive, glossy finish that protects against fingerprints and other marks. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, our Recycled 80 lb. Dull Text with Matte Finish provides a natural finish using recycled materials.

We print our large format posters on a 9 mil photobase paper that offers superior color brilliance and image definition. Choose our Photobase Glossy for shiny and lustrous posters, or our Photobase Matte for a clean, glare-free appearance.

Smaller sizes, like our 13" x 19" posters, are a popular choice for trade show usage. Since these posters aren't too big, they are also a great choice for design portfolios. Mid-range poster sizes, such as 18" x 24" and 19" x 27", are commonly used for photo posters or informational posters in medical offices or stores. When you want to make a big statement or convey a large amount of information, choose one of our can't-miss large format posters. Our 24" x 36" and 40" x 50" options are an excellent choice for high-traffic areas such as bookstores, cafeterias and theaters.

You can submit your poster design in one of the following formats: TIF, TIFF, EPS, AI, PSD, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and PDF files. Files should be in CMYK mode to ensure accurate color output and have a minimum DPI of 350 for bulk posters and 150 for large format posters. Please note that our maximum file upload size is 75 megabytes.

All critical elements of your poster (copy, images, logos, etc.) should be placed within the safe zone of the template, so they are not cut off. The trim line shows where the final product will be cut, and the bleed refers to the part that will be trimmed off. If your poster design has a background photo, make sure it extends all the way to the bleed line, so that the photo continues to the edge of your posters. We require a .125" bleed on all poster files.

Custom posters are an incredibly versatile promotional item for just about any type of business. Personalized posters can help you draw attention to upcoming movies, shows, grand openings, new products, and so much more. If your business, sports team, or organization is selling tickets to a special event, display large posters on your window and around town to get the word out. People love to decorate their walls with meaningful posters, so you can even sell leftover posters after the event as souvenirs.

We offer Large Format Posters with no minimum requirement as well as bulk poster printing. Our large format posters are an extremely affordable alternative to other types of signage, so they are great to take to trade shows, conventions, and conferences. Whether you are ordering photo posters or announcement posters, it's easy to print your own through our website. GotPrint allows you to customize everything from the size to the paper stock, so you can create the perfect poster to fit your needs.

Q: What is bulk posters? What do you mean by offset?A: Bulk offset posters are typically for high volume quantities. For example, movie studio and other entertainment studios print 1,000 posters at a time. Basically, it is cost effective to use our big press which is 40" wide, to print your 24"x36" poster rather than using our HP Latex printer which is digital and prints one by one. However at the same time it doesn't make sense to print low quantities on offset because there is a set up which has to be covered. Read more at our blog: Should You Ask Your Printer To Do Offset Printing or Digital Printing?

Q: Why are the prices higher for lower quantity and it gets much cheaper on higher quanities?A: As mentioned above, it is meant for bulk posters and there is a set up charge so even if you order small quanttiy our fee has to be met. But if you run for example 1,000 or even 5,000 and 10,000 quantity, the price drops dramatically since we are set up on our press.

Q: I just need 4 posters, what should I do?A: In that case, please visit our Poster page for short run quantities. These are printed digitally and we can print 1 at a time and no set up charges. For real!

Q: Do you only offer 2 kinds of paper for your posters?A: Yes, at the moment we only offer 100lb gloss text and 100lb silk text. However if you have a special project and you have a high quantity then we can technically create posters on any paper stocks you wish such as cover stocks or uncoated papers. Keep in mind that if the quantity is low the set up charges will be on the higher side to cover our cost. Please do request a quote and we will make it happen for you. We got you!

Q: Can you die cut my posters to any shape I want?A: Well techincally we can die cut posters but again if your quantities are low it will be costly. We can die cut to shape but at large sizes it gets quite expensive. If you do have that special project and need to run a campain that budget allows then please hollar, we got you.

Q: Can you do your famous foil stamping or embossing?A: No, we do not foil or emboss large size posters. We may be able to foil stamp but the minimum quantity would be 5000 and our designers will have to see your file to let you know if it's possible.

Looking for full color digital poster printing services? Look no further than Gold Image Printing for your next custom Digital Poster projects. From Dinner menus to concert posters and specials you can order a Full color printed on 8 mil Premium Photo paper, in either High Gloss Luster Photo or Matte Solevant Luster Photo, with available lamination and custom sizes, you can rest assured that these posters will make a huge impact. Contact us for more info on your next digital poster printing project in greater. 041b061a72


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