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Risen 3 Titan Lords ((FREE))

Unfortunately, the spell had been modified previously so that it instead summoned the Titan Lord of Death, Nekroloth, to capture the sorcerers and use their power to augment his own. The titan leaves the Hero behind, unable to fight in his present form and confident that the Hero will not be able to hold out much longer without a soul.

Risen 3 Titan Lords


Returning to his ship, the Hero learns that Nekroloth's plot was set in motion by the Guardian Horas, who had posed as a part of the ship's crew. Horas had learned of Eldric's intention to restore the Hero's soul, and used the opportunity to plant the false spell where the Hero would be looking. After the Son of Steelbeard finds Horas back on the isle of Taranis, the magical reactor of the Mages is tapped to summon an Ore Titan. Once the titan is subdued and banished back through the summoning portal, Horas explains that he was promised the power to be a titan lord himself (verified by his summoning of the Ore Titan). He then tries to kill the Hero personally, but fails and is killed himself.

The Hero finally enters and engages the Titan Lord, but is too late: Nekroloth emerges in his true form. He again separates the Hero's spirit from his body, this time, snatching the body away (instead of the spirit), consuming its life force. The Hero's soul must combat the Titan Lord and his hellhounds and soul eaters. At the end of an arduous battle, a weakened Nekroloth throws his own sword at the Hero's soul in a moment of frustration and desperation. Steelbeard's Son dodges the attack, re-enters his own body, and uses the titan's own weapon to strike a final blow that sends Nekroloth back through his crystal portals. As the portals are then destroyed, Nekroloth is returned to the Underworld and no longer poses any immediate threat to the world.

Fortunately, he is risen. His corpse spends three weeks fermenting in the tropical sun before he's brought back to life by a loopy shaman. Piranha Bytes revives the series with him, and fittingly sends him off in search of his soul. It's a generally fun romp that takes him into deep caves hiding menacing shadow lords and into bleached dreams where he waxes philosophical with villains from Risens past, but happily it's not the kind of game that demands encyclopedic knowledge of its forebears. Risen 3: Titan Lord's tale of securing the help of powerful mages stands quite well on its own.

Hark! There, off on that obscure isle surrounded by countless biting piranhas, a new Risen has arisen! The Gothic spiritual successor series has previously dazzled with its ambition just as much as it's disappointed with technical troubles, tedious conversations, and bland helpings of fillery gruel. If you want to understand the series' charm, I highly recommend Alec's diaries of the first game, as they're captivating reads and also there are kittens. Risen 3: Titan Lords, meanwhile, will once again spirit players away to a new setting full of opposing factions and infinitely explorable nooks and crannies. Details below.

Set several years after the end of Risen, raging titans have devastated the world and pushed humanity to the brink of existence. Subsequently, monstrous creatures have risen from the watery depths of the sea and their attacks have brought all seafaring to a grinding halt. 041b061a72

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