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Dom James (UK) - So Dangerous (Original Mix) [UNDER NO ILLUSION]

Many of the underwater scenes, especially involving close-ups of Bond and Melina, were faked on a dry soundstage. A combination of lighting effects, slow-motion photography, wind and bubbles added in post-production, gave the illusion of the actors being underwater.[24] Actress Carole Bouquet reportedly had a pre-existing health condition that prevented her from performing underwater stunt work.[20] Aquatic scenes were done by a team led by Al Giddings, who had previously worked on The Deep, and filmed in either Pinewood's tank on the 007 Stage or an underwater set built in the Bahamas. Production designer Peter Lamont and his team developed two working props for the submarine Neptune, as well as a mock-up with a fake bottom.[55]

Dom James (UK) - So Dangerous (Original Mix) [UNDER NO ILLUSION]

Roger Moore said he had a great fear of heights, and to do the climbing in Greece, he resorted to moderate drinking to calm his nerves.[20] Later in that same sequence, Rick Sylvester, a stuntman who had previously performed the pre-credits ski jump in The Spy Who Loved Me, undertook the stunt of Bond falling off the side of the cliff.[56] The stunt was dangerous, since the sudden rope jerk at the bottom could be fatal. Special effects supervisor Derek Meddings developed a system that would dampen the stop, but Sylvester recalled that his nerves nearly got the better of him: "From where we were [shooting], you could see the local cemetery; and the box [to stop my fall] looked like a casket. You didn't need to be an English major to connect the dots." The stunt went off without a problem.[20]

As we neared Cape Horn the seas became much higher and the stormincreased. The sun would rise at nearly ten o'clock in the morning, andgo down at two in the afternoon. The clouds were very heavy, andseemingly close to the water. Heavy snow-storms were common. The wind,however, was in our favour. Sometimes there would be a lull in the gale;then more sail would have to be set to keep us ahead of the immense highwaves, else one might come over our stern and sink us. On the other handwas the danger of going too fast; in that case the vessel would rununder and, loaded as it was, must go down like a piece of iron. Anothertrouble was[63] that we had to heave-to frequently, and that was verydangerous. Now going before the wind and then swinging around head towind, as near as possible, compelled us to get into the trough of thesea. If we had been struck by one of those huge waves broadside on, thevoyage would have terminated just then.

True Religion teaches Men these two truths, that there is a God they are capable of attaining unto, and that there is such a Corruption in Nature, as render them unworthy so great a Happiness; it concerns Men equally to understand both these things; and it as dangerous for Men to know God without being sensible of their own Misery, as it is to see his Misery, without knowing his recovery out of it by a Redeemer. One of these Knowledges alone occasion'd the Pride of Philosophers, who knew God, but not their own Misery; and the despair of Atheists, who perceive their Misery without any hopes of a Saviour.

It is in vain O Man that thou seekest in thy self the remedy of thy Miseries; all your knowledg will only reach to know that Truth and solid Good is not to be had in thy self: Philosophers have indeed promis'd it, but they could not perform it; they did not know neither thy true Happiness, nor thy true State; how was it possible they should give a remedy of your Miseries, seeing they never fully knew them; your greatest evils are Pride, which estranges you from God, and Concupiscence, which draws you after the World; and they have always cherish'd at least one of these Evils. If they propose God to you for your Object, it was only to increase your Pride; they made you think that by Nature you resembl'd him; and those which have seen the Vanity of this pretension, have flung you into the other Precipice, in shewing you that your Nature was like that of Beasts, and inclin'd you to seek your Happiness in Sensualities, which is the Portion of brute Beasts. These are not the means to inform you of your Transgressions; expect not therefore neither Truth nor Consolation from Men, I am he that form'd thee, and that alone can shew thee what thou art; but you are not now in the State I set you in; I made Man Holy, Innocent, perfect; I fill'd him with light, and understanding; I communicated my Glory [Page 62] and Majesty to him: Man did then with his Eye behold the Glory of God; he was not in darkness that blinds him, nor in the Mortality and Miseries that surround him; but he did not long enjoy that Glory, but fell into presumption; he would needs become his own Center, and live without my support; he withdrew himself from my Rule, and equalling himself to me, through a desire of finding a Felicity in himself, I left him to himself, and causing all the Creatures I had put under his Feet, to revolt from him, I made them become his Enemies; so that now Man is become like to the Beasts, and so far estrang'd from me, that there is scarse any little light of his first Author to be found in him; his Faculties are so much confus'd, or so near extinguish'd; his Sences either independent of his Reason, or for the most part overcoming his Reason, leads him away to the love of Pleasures; all Creatures either tempt or afflict him, and either sway him by prevailing over him by their force, or charm him by their delights, which is the more imperious and dangerous slavery of the two.

[Page 127] 6. * Were there no obscurity, Men would not be sensible of their Corruption; were there no light, Men would not hope for Remedy. So that 'tis not only just, but necessary for us, that God should in some measure be hid from us, and in some sort discover'd to us, because 'tis alike dangerous to Man to know him without understanding his Misery, and to know his Misery without knowing God. 041b061a72


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