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Enjoy Mare Fuori with Subtitles in English and Other Languages on Dailymotion

Mare Fuori Dailymotion: How to Watch the Italian Drama Series Online

If you are a fan of Italian drama series, you might have heard of Mare Fuori, a popular show that first aired on Rai 2 in 2020. The series follows the lives of young inmates in a juvenile detention center in Naples, as they face challenges, conflicts, and romance. But how can you watch this captivating series online? One of the options is to use Dailymotion, a video-sharing platform that offers live streaming and video-on-demand services. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Mare Fuori and Dailymotion, and how to watch the series online.

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What is Mare Fuori?

Mare Fuori, which means "The Sea Beyond" in English, is an Italian television series that was created by Cristina Farina. The series is a drama that explores the themes of crime, justice, redemption, and love. It is set in a youth detention center in Naples, where a group of teenagers are locked up for various reasons. Some of them come from criminal families, some have made mistakes due to abuse or desperation, and some have been seduced by the allure of the underworld. The series shows how they cope with their situation, how they interact with each other and with the staff, and how they try to change their lives for the better.

The plot of Mare Fuori

The main protagonists of Mare Fuori are Carmine Di Salvo and Filippo Ferrari, two boys who are arrested on the same day and sent to the same detention center. Carmine is a hairdresser who dreams of escaping his Camorra family and living an honest life. Filippo is a pianist who comes from a wealthy family in Milan and is on vacation in Naples. They have nothing in common, except that they both catch the eye of Ciro Ricci, the son of a Camorra boss who rules the prison with his gang. Ciro starts to harass and bully them, while also trying to recruit them for his criminal activities. Carmine and Filippo have to face Ciro's threats, as well as their own personal issues and feelings.

The cast of Mare Fuori

The cast of Mare Fuori includes some well-known and some emerging actors from Italy. Here are some of the main characters and their actors:

  • Carmine Di Salvo: played by Nicolas Maupas, a French-Italian actor who has appeared in films such as La ragazza nella nebbia and Il traditore.

  • Filippo Ferrari: played by Massimiliano Caiazzo, an Italian actor who has starred in shows such as Un posto al sole and La compagnia del cigno.

  • Ciro Ricci: played by Artem Matteo Paolillo, an Italian actor who has also worked as a model and singer.

  • Naditza: played by Valentina Romani, an Italian actress who has been nominated for several awards for her roles in films such as Un bacio and Tutto quello che vuoi.

Paola Vinci: played by Carolina Crescentini, an Italian actress who has won several awards for her performances in films such as Boris - Il film and Veloce come The seasons and episodes of Mare Fuori

Mare Fuori has two seasons, each consisting of 12 episodes. The first season aired from January to March 2020 on Rai 2, while the second season aired from September to November 2021 on the same channel. Each episode is about 50 minutes long and has a title that refers to a song or a musical genre. For example, the first episode of season one is called "Rock Around the Clock", while the last episode of season two is called "The End". The series has been praised by critics and audiences for its realistic and captivating portrayal of the juvenile prison system and the social issues of Naples.

What is Dailymotion?

Dailymotion is a video-sharing platform that was founded in 2005 in France. It allows users to upload, watch, and share videos online, as well as to live stream and access video-on-demand services. Dailymotion has over 300 million users and 3.5 billion views per month, making it one of the largest video platforms in the world.

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The features of Dailymotion

Dailymotion offers a variety of features for its users, such as:

  • A user-friendly interface that allows users to browse, search, and discover videos by categories, channels, playlists, and recommendations.

  • A video player that supports HD quality, subtitles, captions, and interactive features such as polls, quizzes, and live chats.

  • A video uploader that enables users to upload videos up to 60 minutes long and 4 GB in size, with options to edit, trim, add filters, and monetize their content.

  • A video library that stores all the videos uploaded by users and allows them to manage, organize, and share them with others.

  • A partner program that allows users to earn revenue from their videos by displaying ads or offering subscriptions.

  • A developer platform that allows users to create apps and websites using Dailymotion's API and SDK.

The benefits of Dailymotion

Dailymotion has several benefits for its users, such as:

  • It offers a wide range of videos from different genres, languages, and countries, including news, sports, entertainment, music, and more.

  • It provides a platform for independent creators, artists, and media outlets to showcase their work and reach a global audience.

  • It supports free speech and diversity of opinions, as long as they comply with its community guidelines and terms of use.

  • It respects the privacy and security of its users, and does not collect or share their personal data without their consent.

  • It delivers a fast and smooth video experience, with adaptive streaming and low buffering.

The drawbacks of Dailymotion

Dailymotion also has some drawbacks for its users, such as:

  • It has less content and popularity than its main competitor, YouTube, which dominates the online video market.

  • It has stricter rules and regulations for uploading and monetizing videos, which may limit the creative freedom and income potential of some users.

  • It has some issues with content quality and moderation, as some videos may contain inappropriate, illegal, or harmful content that violates its policies or infringes on the rights of others.

  • It has some technical glitches and bugs that may affect the performance and functionality of its platform and services.

  • It has some regional restrictions and geo-blocking that may prevent some users from accessing or viewing certain videos or features.

How to watch Mare Fuori on Dailymotion?

If you want to watch Mare Fuori on Dailymotion, you have two options: you can either watch it live or on demand. Here are the steps to follow for each option: The steps to watch Mare Fuori on Dailymotion live

To watch Mare Fuori on Dailymotion live, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of Rai 2, the channel that broadcasts Mare Fuori in Italy, at .

  • Click on the "Live" button at the top right corner of the page.

  • Wait for the live stream to load and start playing.

  • Enjoy watching Mare Fuori as it airs on Rai 2.

Note: This option may not work for users outside Italy, as Rai 2 may be geo-blocked in some regions. In that case, you may need to use a VPN service to change your IP address and access the live stream.

The steps to watch Mare Fuori on Dailymotion on demand

To watch Mare Fuori on Dailymotion on demand, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the official Dailymotion channel of Rai 2, at .

  • Search for "Mare Fuori" in the search bar or browse the playlists of the channel.

  • Select the season and episode of Mare Fuori that you want to watch.

Click on the play button and enjoy watching Mare Fuori on Dai


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