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1. For countries and regions where the local currency isn't supported, such as Argentina, storage upgrades are billed in U.S. dollars (USD). Learn more about countries and regions that bill in U.S. dollars (USD).


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2. iCloud+ upgrades for Albania, Armenia, Belarus, and Iceland are charged in U.S. dollars (USD), with prices slightly higher due to the Value Added Tax (VAT). 3. Taxes are included in all prices for these countries and regions: Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, China mainland, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Türkiye, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.4. Residents in some U.S. states have tax added to the monthly payment due to state laws.

Accepted payment methods for iCloud+ upgrades include credit cards, debit cards, and your Apple Account balance. If you don't have enough available funds in your Apple Account balance to complete your upgrade, you'll be charged the remaining amount. Apple Store gift cards aren't accepted as payment for upgrading iCloud+. Learn how to manage the amount of storage you're using.

The HTTP 1.1 (only) Upgrade header can be used to upgrade an already established client/server connection to a different protocol (over the same transport protocol). For example, it can be used by a client to upgrade a connection from HTTP 1.1 to HTTP 2.0, or an HTTP or HTTPS connection into a WebSocket.

NoteWe attempt to document every possible breaking change. Since some of these breaking changes are in obscure parts of the framework only a portion of these changes may actually affect your application. Want to save time? You can use Laravel Shift to help automate your application upgrades.

We also encourage you to view the changes in the laravel/laravel GitHub repository. While many of these changes are not required, you may wish to keep these files in sync with your application. Some of these changes will be covered in this upgrade guide, but others, such as changes to configuration files or comments, will not be.

The 4.x version of this module provides all-around support for preparing for your upgrade to Drupal 10 from Drupal 9, while 3.x does the same for Drupal 8 to Drupal 9. It is not possible to directly upgrade from Drupal 8 to Drupal 10. The module provides the following key features:

You can use Upgrade Status on the command line with Drush 9 or 10. It does not matter for Upgrade Status if your Drush is global or site-local, however the Upgrade Status module needs to be installed for the Drush commands to work. The upgrade_status:analyze (us-a) command is available for ASCII style output, while the upgrade_status:checkstyle (us-cs) command is defined for XML formatted output. Both commands take the following arguments and options:

Use this option and download Media Creation Tool if you want to create bootable USB media to perform a clean install on new or existing hardware. To get started you first need a license to install Windows 11 or have a Windows 10 device that qualifies for an upgrade to Windows 11.

The ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade is a carefully crafted set of six high-impact, energy efficiency improvements for your home. Designed to work together to deliver significant energy and cost savings, these upgrades can also help you transition from fossil fuels for a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable home. You can choose the improvements that make the most sense for your home and implement them at your own pace. Watch this video to learn more.

The Buildings Upgrade Prize (Buildings UP) is offering more than $22 million in cash prizes and technical assistance to teams across America with winning ideas to accelerate widespread, equitable energy efficiency and building electrification upgrades.

CliftonStrengths 34 is the best way for individuals and teams to understand their talents and maximize their potential. Using an access code to upgrade Top 5 CliftonStrengths to CliftonStrengths 34, you'll get access to your full CliftonStrengths profile as well as personalized reports and other resources.

When you upgrade, you will receive your full CliftonStrengths 34 profile, along with personalized reports, interactive learning and other resources -- without having to retake the CliftonStrengths assessment.

You do not have to retake the CliftonStrengths assessment to upgrade. Simply redeem the code, and Gallup will use your archived assessment responses to generate your personalized CliftonStrengths 34 reports.

CliftonStrengths 34 Upgrade is for people who have taken the Top 5 CliftonStrengths assessment and want to see their entire CliftonStrengths 34 profile and get access to all the resources in CliftonStrengths 34. Because this is an upgrade, you cannot use the CliftonStrengths 34 Upgrade unless you have already taken the Top 5 CliftonStrengths assessment. - Upgrade for Xamarin to MAUI - Upgrade for UWP to WinUI - Improved experience for upgrades to ward .NET 6+, with cohesive standard NuGet packages upgrade where package versions match target .NET version - ARM64 support - Improved error handling and display of all errors or warnings for corresponding project components - Improved NuGet packages and other project dependencies upgrade - support for incremental upgrade for SDK style web projects with SupportsSystemWeb capability - bug fixes and stabilization - Initial preview of upgrade experience for ASP.NET, WPF, WinForms, Class Libraries, Console apps - Supported upgrades in-place, side-by-side and side-by-side incremental for corresponding project flavors - Upgrade from .NET Framework to .NET 6+ and initial flow of upgrades from .NET 6 to higher .NET versions - AMD64 support

Fees: Tickets purchased from Delta over the telephone or at an airport or city ticket office will incur a direct ticketing charge when issued in select European countries. Charges are waived for all other points of origin and may be waived for select European countries upon request. Travel agents may impose an additional service charge for ticketing. Miscellaneous: Flight cancellation, substitution of equipment, or other irregular operations may result in the cancellation of confirmed upgrades. Delta's liability, if any, in the event of irregular operations is governed by the terms of its Contract of Carriage and shall be based upon the original fare purchased.

Provide your SkyMiles number when making a flight reservation at, over the phone, at the airport or through a travel agent. Based on what works best for you, you can set your SkyMiles account preferences to have your upgrades requested automatically any time you make a reservation with your SkyMiles number (on eligible flights), or you can manually request them for each flight. Learn more about the two options:

1When using the seat map, Medallion Members may see upgrades available for purchase within their eligibility window and can choose to purchase the upgrade or wait for their Complimentary Upgrade to clear, if these seats go unsold.

* Delta Corporate Travelers eligible for higher upgrade clearance priority are SkyMiles Medallion Members traveling on a ticket that includes their eligible employer's Corporate Ticket Designator. ** Members that have Million Miler Status will clear before Members that do not hold Million Miler Status

Through the coordination of our gate agents and flight attendants, if you have already boarded but are the next Medallion Member on the upgrade list when an upgrade becomes available, we will do our very best to upgrade you before takeoff, when possible.

A Medallion Member and one traveling companion may both enjoy a Complimentary Upgrade when traveling on Delta and Delta Connection carriers, as long as that companion is a General SkyMiles Member, Medallion Member, or partner airline elite member*, and traveling on the same flight in the same reservation. Companion upgrades are available for travel on paid tickets, Award Tickets, Miles + Cash tickets, Pay with Miles tickets and Companion Certificates.Companion upgrades must be requested. If you and your companion are in the same reservation, you can request your companion upgrade at during the booking process, afterward in My Trips, or during check-in prior to departure. *Partner airline elite members are only eligible for Companion Upgrades on paid tickets and Companion Certificates.

Complimentary Upgrades for Reserve Card Members may clear beginning 24 hours (1 day) prior to departure, after all Medallion Members, and are subject to upgrade availability. Upgrades for Reserve Card Members are available on the same products and routes as Medallion Complimentary Upgrades, and upgrades must be requested in the same way as upgrades are requested by Medallion Members. Reserve Card Members and one traveling companion may both enjoy a Complimentary Upgrade when traveling on Delta and Delta Connection carriers, as long as that companion is a General SkyMiles Member, Medallion Member, or partner airline elite member*, and traveling on the same flight in the same reservation.

Delta SkyMiles Reserve Basic Card Members who are not SkyMiles Medallion Members are eligible for the Delta SkyMiles Complimentary Upgrade Program. Eligible Card Members will be eligible to receive complimentary upgrades for Delta One (within the 50 United States), First Class, and Delta Comfort+ after Medallion Members. Basic Economy (E) fares are not eligible for Complimentary Upgrades, regardless of Medallion or other elite status. Complimentary Upgrades are subject to availability and may not be available on all flights or in all markets. Benefit terms and conditions subject to change. All Delta complimentary upgrade rules apply. 041b061a72

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